One million PINS to celebrate program's one year birthday in Finland


One million PINS to celebrate program's one year birthday in Finland

The most innovative and internationally awarded loyalty program PINS has become a true success story. Only 12 months ago PINS was launched in Finland, and during this year program has achieved impressive milestones: so far PINS program has enrolled more than 1 200 000 new members, which is 20% of all population in Finland. PINS is the 3rd biggest loyalty program in the country and according to Google PINS brand name has been number 1 search word in Finland in 2014. There are more than 700 local, global and online partners where members can collect PINS and almost 30 000 employees who are proudly representing the partner coalition power. All together members have accrued more than 1 000 000 000 PINS over the past year which now can be spent on more than 2000 different rewards and experiences.

PINS is a truly unique model, uniting a loyalty program for everyday shoppers and frequent flyers. As a first company in the world to do this, PINS has received a lot of global media attention and interest from other markets.

Gabi Kool, Coalition Rewards CEO: “We launched the PINS program only twelve months ago in Finland and it is a fitting celebration of the program’s one year anniversary to reach next milestones by accelerating a roll out of new technology tools in upcoming twelve months, like a globally leading mobile app to maximize the use of the PINS program value. We are very much looking forward to capitalize on this wave of positive energy to grow the business of our program partners and to create great value for our program members, launching new, breathtaking innovations in loyalty industry that will benefit for enjoying PINS program.”

PINS is celebrating it's birthday by giving away 1 000 000 PINS and raffling flight tickets to cool destinations every day, during the campaign. For more information check

Coalition Rewards was launched in October 2009 and now has grown to be the leading multi-partner loyalty program operator in Northern and Eastern Europe and Russia. It owns and operates the PINS program, which allows its members to collect PINS at more than 30 000 places around the world for things like flights, trips, hotel stays, car rentals, restaurants, beauty salons and spa treatments, health care, telecoms, and finance, as well as while shopping for over 400 international brands at PINS online store. PINS can be spent on free flight tickets, leisure time activities, adventures, and on over 2000 other rewards available at PINS Online Rewards Shop.

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