Petäys Resort

Petäys Resort is situated at the shore of Lake Vanajavesi, an hour’s drive from Helsinki and Tampere. A fabulous view of the lake provides a perfect back ground for a vacation, seminar or private party. You can choose from72 rooms, 3 restaurants and 20 free activities throughout the year. We welcome you to enjoy your stay!

Collect PINS

For each EUR spent 3 PINS

Terms and conditions

You will collect PINS on all purchases made in Petäys Resort in Finland.

Crediting the PINS & claiming missing PINS

After the transaction at this partner the PINS will be credited to your account within: 15 days

If you notice that some PINS you have earned are missing, please contact PINS Member Service.

If you have had a transaction at this partner and forgot to show your PINS card, you can claim your missing PINS by contacting our Member Service. You will have to provide a copy of your purchase check, reservation or invoice for us to verify the transaction. To be eligible for claiming missing PINS you need to be a PINS member on the date of the transaction.

The time after the transaction you can claim your missing PINS at this partner: 6 months