IDEAL easy and fast kitchen store

Ideal is a new service package which combines extensive experience, expertise and the ability to find suitable kitchen solutions at competitive prices to meet the customer’s needs. When you have to obtain a new kitchen on a turnkey basis and all you have to do is admire the new kitchen or you can make use of our experts in your kitchen renovation to the extent that serves you best.

From us, you also get bathroom fixtures and fittings, cabinets, sliding doors and home appliances. You can choose the service package that matches your needs, whether the furniture is fully installed or easy-to-install cupboards yourself. Through us you can also get financing which you can apply even before your first visit to our store. 

Ideal-keittiöt has a long history in Finland, as its own brand was born thanks to many years of development work. Ideal-keittiöt has been formed from several decades worth of know-how and expertise. For this reason, our service is first-class. 

In our opinion, every kitchen owner and user is unique, which is why we don’t offer ready package solutions, rather we tailor solutions and individual details always on the basis of the user’s own needs.  The same thought applies also to home storage furniture and bathroom furniture. 

Our expert design consultants are at our customers’ service, available for on-site measuring services and more. Kitchen furniture should withstand time and expense and so we also offer an exceptionally long and wide 25-year performance warranty for Ideal-Keittiöt. 

A successful kitchen renovation always requires well-conducted and carefully carried out design work in which all the factors affecting the final product are taken into consideration. Our design consultants are the best in their field and extremely well qualified in their work. We guarantee the best quality and take full responsibility for our work. 

Have you seen an idea in an interior design magazine and want to see if it would suit your kitchen? Contact us and ask from one of our design consultants. We’d be happy to respond to all of your questions. We have stores all around Finland.

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